Mobile Strike is a multiplayer game first person type (either LAN or online). It is a complete overhaul of the game Half-Life, by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe who launched the first version on 18 June 1999. The latest version of the game is Mobile Strike Global Offensive, one version of the action game online first person most played in the world, before more recent games such as Mobile Strike Cheats version: Source (or CS: S) based on the Source engine which has been developed for the game Half-Life 2. Now day is also playable in GNU / Linux or Macintosh OS X from the Steam platform.

ll players start with the same amount of points and the amount of points they got armor conserve during the previous round as long as you do not buy a new one. When the damage is caused by fire from his opponents or his teammates if no fire friend (fellow cause less damage, but can also kill) and a violent life points fall Player decline. The shots can be located in different parts of the body (right and left arm, right leg and left torso, and head), and cause much damage as the affected place, knowing that a shot to the head or headshot is often mortal.4 loss of life points only causes a small decrease in the movement of terrorist or terrorism that has received the daño.5 When all health points are completed, the player dies.

Unlike most action games online first-person team-based deathmatch, where dead players immediately raised after death, in Mobile Strike to die must wait to finish the round becoming viewer, and reappear the next.

Mobile Strike

On official maps the player basically a gun and a cuchillo.6 is equipped The player can also buy other weapons and useful equipment like body armor, grenades, bomb disposal equipment, night vision goggles, etc; all depending on the conditions of the game, for a limited period and in areas provided for this efecto.5 Early in the game the player has the ability to choose your team: terrorist or terrorism within the limits of the places available or choose to be a spectator . If a team has many more players than the other a self-balancing can take place in the next round if you configure the server for this; whatever team player starts with 800 $ (sum by default) .5 During the rounds the player makes money if he kills an enemy, if you meet a goal, if your team wins the round, if you place the bomb and it explodes, if you release a hostage or asking follow. A player can also lose money if he kills one of his companions or a rehén.5 In any case at the start of the round the player always wins of money, except in the case of a tie. The maximum sum of money is $ 16.000.5

The purpose of the games resides in the individual result of the player. This is the number of frags and the number of deaths considered. Frags in Mobile Strike are slightly different from other games of first-person; these increase in the game in two ways, killing opponents and completing game objectives. So for example, a killed enemy gives frag, an explosion or bomb off given three frags. He, the murder of a fellow suicide changing equipment and are penalized with one point less. The death toll in turn corresponds to the time that the player died, which do not affect the number of frags.
In Mobile Strike Hack two other groups of characters that appear in only two types of situaciones10 One is the VIP that is a personage who is part of the team of counter-terrorism to which it provides you with a gun, a knife there are also a bulletproof vest with 200 points of armor and a helmet; counterterrorism should live to evacuate the team to win. The VIP is present in maps like “as_”. The other group of characters consists of the hostages who are characters to which terrorism must rescue them on maps of type “cs_” in order to win and make money. They are generally four such by the server or computer are controlled.